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We specialize in lathe turning for years. In order to accomplish clients’ request for parts structure, we have developed many special techniques, such as deep hole processing, inclined hole processing, and deburring. With rich experience in parts processing, we can rapidly convert clients’ drawing into producible parts.


We are capable of working with various materials, including copper, aluminum,  stainless steel, and alloy steel.  We are also skilled in various surface finishing process, including heat treatment, polishing, plating…etc. Besides, we have assembly line set up for clients to  assembly parts into products.


Materials Details
General Steel AISI 1010/1015/1045/1144/4140/1215/12L14 JIS SCM415
Stainless Steel AISI 303/304/316/416/430/420j2 S17400
Alloy Steel Kovar Alloy / Ti Alloy / Waspaloy Alloy(Nickei-base Alloy)
Copper JIS C1020/C1100/C3602/C3604 ASTM C54400
Aluminum ASTM 2011/2024/6061/6063/7075/5056
Engineering Plastics POM PEEK