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Established in 1974, Chang Da is a experienced manufacturer in  precision metal parts. Our products are widely applied in fiber optic connectors, medical equipments, pneumatic components, and automotive parts. We has become the best partner of many domestic and foreign clients for years. In addition, Chau Hua, our another company which focuses on Japanese market, has passed strict certification process and become the qualified supplier of many Japanese company. This ongoing relationship with clients  is the best proof of our product quality.  





We, with professional machining skills and quality control system, can provide our clients with comprehensive service. Our precision CNC machines, which turn and mill parts in one time, can highly improve accuracy of products. We are capable of working with various materials, including copper, aluminum,  stainless steel, and alloy steel.  We are also skilled in various surface finishing process, including heat treatment, polishing, plating…etc.